Propane Gas

Hema Gases offers industrial gases in different purity grades and concentration meeting the requirements of different industries. We deal in all kinds of industrial gases for commercial, automobile sector and industrial use. Propane is the most widely used fuel all over the world. It’s a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-corrosive, highly flammable and non-toxic gas in its pure form.

It’s a byproduct of natural gas and oil industry that is available under sea bed and earth. It’s an eco-friendly fuel that naturally remains in gaseous form at atmospheric pressure and it can be liquefied at increased pressure.
Chemical Formula Type Density Molecular Mass Lower Explosive Limit
(LEL %)
Upper Explosive Limit
(UEL %)
C3H8 Highly Flammable,
Non toxic,
2.0098 mg mL−1 (at 0 °C, 101.3 kPa) 44.09563 g/mol 2.1 10.1


Maximum Impurities in PPM by Volume
O2 N2 CO2 OHC H2 Propylene
99.5 ≤100 ≤400 ≤100 ≤4000 ≤5 ≤400

Common uses of Propane gas

  • Used as fuel gas for welding, metal cutting and brazing operations
  • Used as a motor fuel in automobile industry
  • Used as a propellant in Aerosol sprays
  • Used for heating applications
  • Propane is used as a fuel gas in households for cooking and heating applications
  • Used for hot air balloons as a fuel

We are leading calibration, specialty, lab grade and industrial propane gas manufacturer in India. We produce all kinds of gases in different purity grades and concentrations to meet the requirement of distinctive industries. We are a Faridabad based propane gas supplier that is serving its quality services to the clients since 1979 and supplies gases across world such as; Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gulf, Africa & Australia. We manufacture and supply all kinds of industrial gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Propane, Methane, Carbon Dioxide etc. and other gas mixtures.