Gas Panel & Control System

We have achieved a remarkable position in the market in manufacturing, supplying and exporting Gas Purification Panels. These panels and systems are used in miscellaneous industries as pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, pesticide and fertilizers for purifying gases such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air, Helium, and Oxygen, Argon etc. by removing moisture, hydrocarbon and Oxygen.

Hydrocarbons present may give wrong results. The accuracy of result is utmost important in Chromatography Instruments Like GC, GC-MS with ELSD Detector, research and development laboratory. The selection of the system is done sensibly, considering all the physical & chemical properties presented by the method. The client should check the genuineness of the materials involved in the construction of the arrangement, like:

• The material of the tubing has to be SS only
• Gas lining cleaning treatment.
• The type of fittings used for the working pressure.
• Operating pressure
• Chemicals used for gas purification

Along with these, the structure should have zero tolerance. We provide the structure which is easy to install, having compact design and low noise level. Our qualified team checks the system thoroughly before dispatching and installation at the site.

Hema Gases is a trusted industrial gases boxes manufacturer and supplier in India delivering optimized solutions to various industries at optimum cost. Our adherence to fair business policy has made us the topmost industrial gas panel & control system exporter meeting the quality policies and standards of the clients across the globe.

Being a prominent industrial gas panel & control system supplier, we offer quality assurance services to the clients. Our quality control team will help and assist you to enhance the life of cylinders. Safety is our topmost concern. So, we provide complete safety training to the clients regarding safe handling, storage, gas characteristics and hazards and correct usage for particular applications.