Ethylene Gas

Ethylene is a hydrocarbon with chemical formula C2H4. It is extensively used in chemical manufacturing field and much of its production goes towards a plastic named polyethylene containing a number of polymer chains of ethylene units. It is also an important natural plant hormone that is used in agriculture field for the ripening of fruits and vegetables. In its pure form, Ethylene is a colorless and flammable gas with a sweet and musky smell.

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Uses of Ethylene

Major industrial chemical reactions of Ethylene include

  • Polymerization: Polyethylene, also known as Polythene is world’s mostly used plastic that is used for packaging, trash liners and carrier bags purposes.
  • Oxidation: When Ethylene is oxidized it produces ethylene oxide which is further used as a raw material for making detergents.
  • Alkylation: When alkylation is done with Ethylene, it forms styrene that is used highly for packaging and insulation.
  • It is also used as an anesthetic agent in medical field as well as welding gas in various industries.

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