Dissolved Acetylene

Hema Gases is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Acetylene gas. It is a colorless gas that has a number of benefits and features making it a useful fuel gas for many processes in different industries for cutting, flame straitening, gas welding, flame heating and flame gouging.  Acetylene forms explosive mixtures with oxygen or air.

Acetylene is not stored in the liquid state as it is explosive in this form.  When mixed with Oxygen, Acetylene produces highest known flame temperature. It is soluble in ethanol, acetone and water. When acetone is dissolved in Acetylene, it becomes non-explosive. So the gas is stored dissolved in acetone under pressure in cylinders for commercial use.

Different purity grades of Acetylene

Acetylene gas is prepared commercially with the chemical reaction of calcium carbide with water. Acetylene cylinders are basically of two types: seamless and three-part welded. As Acetylene has to be stored in dissolved state with a solvent, sometimes it is referred as Dissolved Acetylene.

At Hema Gases, Acetylene is available in different purity grades and concentrations to meet the requirements of several industries. It is highly flammable gas and needs to be used very safely to avoid any dangers.

Chemical Formula Type Density Molecular Mass Lower Explosive Limit
(LEL %)
Upper Explosive Limit
(UEL %)
C2H2 Colorless
1.1714 g/L stp (0 °C and 101.325 kPa) 26.038 g/mol 2.5 81


Maximum Impurities
O2+N2+CH4+HC % PH3+NH3
96.0 3.0% 0.2%
99.6 0.38% 10 VPM

Features of Acetylene gas

  • The hottest and most efficient fuel gas that increases productivity
  • Reducing costs by using oxygen efficiently
  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Low moisture content
  • Lighter than air and is safe to use underground
  • Low ignition energy

Common uses and applications in industries

  • Used as a flame cutter for metal cutting/metal welding and brazing purpose
  • Used as a lightening lamp in mines
  • Used as a gas in AAS- Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Used as a carburizing agent in steel manufacturing
  • Used in pharmaceutical companies

Benefits of Acetylene

  • Oxygen and Acetylene together produce a flame temperature of 3150 degree Celsius and this gas is hot enough to weld any metal.
  • Oxy-Acetylene flame gives good heating and so reduces wasting flame
  • Oxy-Acetylene is used in different cutting processes; it offers higher cutting speed, faster cut initiation time and an improved cut quality.

Material Compatibility

  • Acetylene can burn instantly from a spark or a piece of hot metal.
  • It forms explosive compounds with some metals like silver, copper and mercury.

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