Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a highly toxic, odorless, colorless and tasteless gas. This is highly poisonous gas for all the living beings if available in the quantity of 35-40 PPM. It consists of one carbon and one oxygen atom. The gas is lighter than air but highly toxic. It is present in small amounts in atmosphere and produced naturally from man-made fires during burning of forests, crops residues and sugarcane fire cleaning.

Carbon Monoxide is generated in air when combustion of carbon takes place at high temperature. When the combustion process takes place in a closed chamber or in a place where there is not enough oxygen to produce carbon contents to form carbon dioxide CO2, at that time carbon monoxide CO is generated.

Delivering carbon monoxide gas in safer containers

Further this gas is stored in gas cylinders to make it perfect for use by diverse industries. We at Hema Gases offer an entire range of carbon monoxide gas in different purity grades and concentrations with state-of-art technology. We have a highly qualified team of professionals who supply carbon monoxide gas to various industries safely.

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Chemical Formula Type Density Molecular Mass Lower Explosive Limit
(LEL %)
Upper Explosive Limit
(UEL %)
CO Highly toxic
789 kg/m3, liquid
1.250 kg/m3 at stp(0 °C, 1 atm)
1.145 kg/m3 at 25 °C, 1 atm
28.0101 g/mol 12 75


Maximum Impurities in PPM by Volume
O2 N2 CO2 THC H2 Moisture
≥99.99 ≤20 ≤80 ≤15 ≤5 ≤5 ≤10

Uses of Carbon Monoxide

  • Chemical industry: Carbon monoxide gas is used in the manufacturing of bulk chemicals. Methanol is produced by the hydrogenation process of carbon monoxide. It is also used for purifying nickel in the Mond process.
  • Meat coloring: It is used in packaging industry mainly with fresh meat products like pork, fish or beef to look them fresh. Carbon monoxide is combined with myoglobin to form caboxymyoglobin which is a bright-red cherry pigment. This color persists much longer than in any other colored packaged meat.
  • Lasers: This industrial gas is also used as a lasing medium in high-powered lasers technology.
  • Metal fabrication: Carbon monoxide is used as a fuel mixture with hydrogen and other gases for domestic and industrial combustion process.
  • Steel and metal: This gas is used for the reduction of ores and in the manufacturing of metal carbonyls.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: The gas is used for the bulk manufacture of pharmaceutical.
  • Electronics: Highly purified carbon monoxide is used for several semiconductor and electronics applications.

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