Butane Gas

Butane is highly combustible gas under low vapor pressure and is mainly a hydrocarbon. It is an organic compound that is highly flammable, non toxic, colorless and odorless in its pure form. It is a byproduct of natural gas and oil industry and is available under sea bed and earth. It is converted into liquid form further for ease of transport and storage.

We supply Butane gas industrial and domestic customers meeting their specifications and requirements. We provide Butane in different concentrations and purity grades for diverse industries. Basically it is used as a fuel gas and majorly used as heat energy for several applications for industrial use. Butane is combined with propane in specific amounts to form LPG. When it is added to gasoline, its quality and combustibility is increased.
Chemical Formula Type Density Molecular Mass Lower Explosive Limit
(LEL %)
Upper Explosive Limit
(UEL %)
C4H10 Highly flammable
Non toxic
2.479 kg/m3 (at 15 °C (59 °F) 58.1223 g/mol 1.86 8.41


Maximum Impurities in PPM by Volume
O2 N2 Sulfur OHC Moisture
99.96 ≤40 ≤160 ≤1 ≤900 ≤4

Uses of Butane Gas

  • Used as a aerosol propellant
  • Used for calibrating instruments as a food additive and refrigerant
  • Used in several heating application when mixed with Propane
  • Used as a refrigerant gas
  • Butane is used in refineries for mixing purposes

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